The payroll services offered by YOUR CONFIDENCE are designed to fully meet the needs of your company’s administration and financial departments for both tax and insurance compliance.

Our service is executed by executives with many years of experience and our data processing is done using a secure, reliable and at the same time flexible payroll software.

More specifically, the provided services are as follows:

  • Issuance and management of payroll
  • Capability for administrative information and statistics flexible presentation
  • Analytical costing and ability to produce budgets and forecasts
  • Integrated recruiting, retirement and redundancy management
  • Preparation and e-submission of relevant files to Social Security Authorities
  • E-submission of recruitment forms, contract termination, staff statements etc. to the “ERGANI” information system
  • Daily support from qualified payroll and insurance law consultants
  • Immediate updates of changes in insurance and labor legislation
  • Preparation and filling of the annual final salary statement / remuneration slip
  • Support during audits carried out by Social Security Authorities

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